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House Maintenance April 29, 2021

Leaks From Outside Water Faucet

Spring is typically the time we go outside, meet the neighbours again, inspect our gardens and start the outdoor “to do lists”.  This means that it is also the time that we re-connect the outdoor water hose.

This is where we have to be careful.  During the winter months, water can sometimes freeze behind an outdoor faucet, causing damage to a pipe, especially if the valve inside the home was not closed to keep water from flowing to the outdoor faucet.

Unfortunately, damage will only be noticeable when the outdoor faucet is turned on.  It is then that the damaged pipe is pressurized for the first time in many months.


Here are a few tips on inspecting an outdoor faucet this spring to avoid costly water damage and a possible insurance claim:

Step 1 – If you closed the indoor valve in the fall, turn the valve on.  Check for signs of a leak around the valve, surrounding pipe, walls and ceilings.

Step 2 – Go outside and turn your outdoor faucet on.  Check for leaks on the outside of your home around the faucet and bottom of hose bib leading to the faucet.

Step 3 – Have someone check the inside valve when the outdoor faucet is turned on.  Check for leaks again in particular around the hose bib.

Contact PuroClean if you experience water damage from a leaky outdoor faucet

Our PuroClean team has the experience and resources to assist.   If you have any concerns about your outdoor faucet or resulting water damage from a frozen pipe please call your locally owned PuroClean Restoration at 905-877-0911.  We always do whatever it takes to help.