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Flood Damage Restoration Bracebridge ON

Water Damage Restoration for a Riverfront Property in Bracebridge, ON

In the spring of 2019, the Muskoka River rose to historic levels, causing the highest flooding in a century. Unfortunately, many properties along the river suffered flood damage and needed fast mitigation and repairs. PuroClean of North Simcoe & Muskoka provided reconstruction services and flood damage restoration in Bracebridge Ontario for a young couple with one son and a dog.

The riverfront property, located on the South Muskoka River, was affected by the river flooding. Damage occurred to the water inlet, dock, boathouse, walls, lawn, and the crawlspace of the house. Check out how we helped restore the property below.

Providing Flood Damage Restoration to The Riverfront House in Bracebridge

We completed the work in three main stages as water levels dropped. Ultimately, lower water levels meant that we could work safely with good access to the affected area.

1. In the cool spring, the flooding river was still cresting, with ice and snow flowing past. We crawled out on the dock and installed a temporary water line. Also, our team secured the water line to the dock and ran it over land between the multiplying sandbags. That way, the occupants could still have water in the house. It was a terrible irony that, in the middle of a flood, with water lapping up to the house, there was none in the pipes!

2. Once the water subsided enough and could be retained by many rows of sandbags, we continued the flood restoration services. First, we pumped out, cleaned, and then dried the crawl space, removing the layers of fine sand left behind by the river. Then, we replaced the UV and filtration systems, hot water tank, pressure tank, and the water pump, so the residents could finally safely drink the water again.

3. In the late summer, with the river levels back at normal levels we:

  • repaired the wooden floating dock;
  • removed the sediment the river had left behind, exposing the scars dug into the ground by the passing trees;
  • levelled the leaning retaining walls;
  • cleaned out the boathouse of the debris left behind by the swollen river;
  • installed a permanent water line securely fixed to the bottom of the river;
  • sodded the lawn area with fresh green grass.

The scope of work required many trades, including plumbers, carpenters, landscapers, and labourers. In addition, environmental regulations were strictly adhered to while working beside the river.

After we completed the job, we got great feedback from the clients. They said,  “Fast Service, Great Communication, and Knowledgeable.”

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