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Fire Damage Restoration in Minden Hills, ON for a 75-Year-Old Cottage

In the fall of 2019, we provided fire damage restoration in Minden Hills, ON for a 75-year-old cottage that was built on the shores of Horseshoe Lake. The family cottage has long been a beloved spot for the owners, their children, and their grandkids. One of the owners had enjoyed the cabin when she was a child herself.

Unfortunately for them, an appliance malfunction led to a smoldering fire that produced abundant smoke in the structure. Smoke covered all the walls, contents, and furniture of the cottage.

Providing fire damage restoration to the cottage in Minden Hills

Half of the structure was the original log cottage, and the other was a modern stick frame addition. Because of its unique design and age, restoring the cabin was a bit challenging. Luckily, we have extensive experience in both restoration and construction, so we knew how to handle the job.

To begin the fire damage restoration process, we first determined the full impact of the damage. That includes the extent of smoke, heat, and residues from fire and smoke. But due to the open floor plan with a 2-story loft, we had to build a temporary floor to access the cathedral ceiling and walls of the loft area.

Once the temporary floor and a cleanup plan were in place, we started cleaning up the soot or replacing the affected walls and surfaces. Then, we used industrial machines to remove smoke and soot particles from the air.

Another interesting part of this job was saving Elvis. That would be the stuffed moose head located over the front door to the cabin. Elvis was an integral part of the cottage. He was hung proudly over the entry door shortly after the log cottage was built! We treated Elvis with all the dignity and respect an esteemed elder deserves. We cleaned his fur, antlers, etc. in place so he could maintain his post and watch over all the proceedings in the cottage. Elvis never left the building throughout the entire process.

Throughout the fire cleanup process in Minden Hills, ON, we kept the owners informed so that they knew what was happening, what to expect, and what they could do to be proactive. This helped them to overcome their loss and restore hope more easily.

Also, we had to work fast and complete the project quickly because the cottage was only heated by a wood stove. Thus, we needed to complete the work before it got too cold, and the water needed to be turned off and drained for the season. Utlimately, we finished two days before the first snowfall of the season!

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After a fire, it’s imperative to contact a professional damage restoration company, such as PuroClean, to handle your smoke-damaged property. We can provide fire cleanup services quickly following the proper industry and ethical standards. Contact us now at 705-710-0606 for more information.