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Mould Tries To Hide From PuroClean In A Small Attic

Typically, if a job appears to be significant in size, we might think that it may be challenging to complete.

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drying water damage

Drying Out a Large Home in Haliburton

Recently, a husband and wife called us into their home for drying after a water leak. The house is located

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A Typical Water Leak in a Not-So-Typical House Gets Complicated

Did you know: Water damage is the most common type of property damage in North America. However, just because this

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A Sewer Line Ruptures and a Muskoka Apartment Gets the Worst of It

It was at the end of the workday when we received an urgent call. A sewer line in the Village

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mould in muskoka
Case Studies, Mould Restoration February 2, 2021

PuroClean Goes Off-The-Grid For A Mould Restoration Job

There is a sort of mythology around the idea of being “off the grid”. Many people fantasize about the idea

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Water Damage Restoration Huntsville ON (1)

Providing Water Damage Restoration for a Lakeside Cottage in Huntsville, ON

In May 2019, PuroClean of North Simcoe & Muskoka provided water damage restoration services in Huntsville, ON for a lakeside cottage.

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