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PuroClean Removes Asbestos From the Attic of a Port Carling Home

Some things about asbestos are common knowledge. Most people know that it poses an extreme risk to our health. But,

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A Sewer Line Ruptures and a Muskoka Apartment Gets the Worst of It

It was at the end of the workday when we received an urgent call. A sewer line in the Village

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Sumo Pump

Tips to Keep a Sump Pump Discharge Line from Freezing

A frozen sump pump discharge hose signals bad news for homeowners who have sump pumps installed in their basement.

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Can Water Damaged Carpet Be Saved?

After experiencing a water disaster, many homeowners and property managers ask if their carpet and pad can be salvaged.

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Water Damage Restoration Huntsville ON (1)

Providing Water Damage Restoration for a Lakeside Cottage in Huntsville, ON

In May 2019, PuroClean of North Simcoe & Muskoka provided water damage restoration services in Huntsville, ON for a lakeside cottage.

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How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring Storms

Spring weather can be highly dangerous as it brings storms that can cause severe damage and flooding, especially in early spring, when the soil is still frozen.

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