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December 8, 2010

PuroClean’s Superior Water Extraction Technology

PuroClean’s Superior Water Extraction Technology

Our water extraction system is not an art… it's a science. The PuroClean QuickDry™ System offers superior drying based on the science of Psychrometrics. This proven, scientific process measures the dryness of the walls, carpet, and other materials. These measurements are recorded in a log and help PuroClean monitor the drying process of your property.
The PuroClean QuickDry™ Guarantee means your home or property will be, Back to Normal in Three Days or Less.* PuroClean will monitor and mitigate water damage to your property and, in most cases, can have it back to normal in three days or less*. Don't wait, call PuroClean immediately at (800) 775-PURO.

* Certain extreme conditions may warrant additional drying time and/or the removal of carpet pad and structural components.