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March 4, 2015

Facts About Carbon Monoxide

In winter, the risk for carbon monoxide poisoning is at its highest, because it’s almost always related to the heating

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Fire Restoration February 25, 2015

Fire Safety for Portable Ethanol Fireplaces

Portable ethanol fireplaces have increased in popularity because they don’t release toxic fumes and are generally safe and easy to

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Fire Restoration February 17, 2015

Being Proactive Helps Prevent Chimney Fires

During the winter months, wood stoves and fireplaces add cozy warmth to many homes. However, homeowners must keep in mind

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Fire Restoration February 12, 2015

Fire Safety: Preventing Microwave Oven Fires

The convenience of the microwave oven cannot be overestimated, however caution should be employed when operating one. The following safety

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Preparing for a Winter Storm Blackout

Winter storms often bring blinding, wind-driven snow lasting for several days, dangerously low temperatures and also strong winds, icing, sleet

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January 28, 2015

Heating Equipment Safety Tips

As winter is in full swing, those who enjoy the occasional fire in wood-burning fireplaces or heat their rooms with

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