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prevent mould in closets

12 Tips to Prevent Mould in Closets

Mould can grow anywhere there is moisture, warmth, and a food source like cellulose. What’s more, many areas in homes and properties can harbor mould, including closets.

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what causes smoke detector false alarm
Fire Restoration August 16, 2019

Why Do Smoke Alarms Go Off Randomly?

Smoke alarms are critical in protecting households from fires. However, they don’t always sound when an actual fire breaks out in a property.

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how to prevent mould in the attic

Essential Ways to Prevent Mould in the Attic

Wherever there’s moisture, mould doesn’t take long to appear. This goes for most areas in a home, including the attic.

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flu prevention at work

Tips to Stay Safe from the Flu at the Workplace

Influenza, or the flu, affects many Canadians each year. A significant number of those affected end up in the hospital and even pass away from flu-related illnesses.

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washing machine cleaning

How to Properly Clean Your Washing Machine and Dryer

Washing machines and dryers require periodic cleaning, too! Over time, washing machines collect detergent residue which may lead to mould and less efficient washes.

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reading a clothing label

How Do You Remove Mould Stains from Textiles?

Wet clothes or fabrics are highly vulnerable to mould infestation if they’re not dried in time.

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