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Fire Safety Babysitters
Fire Restoration May 22, 2020

Fire Safety Checklist for Babysitters

When entrusting a child’s safety to a caretaker such as a babysitter, parents want to feel secure. For example, if

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co detector
Fire Restoration April 23, 2020

10 Tips to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Homes

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless, tasteless, and colorless gas that can cause illness and even death.

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photoelectric vs ionization smoke detectors
Fire Restoration April 10, 2020

The Main Differences Between Ionization and Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms come in two kinds: ionization and photoelectric. Depending on the source of the smoke, one type of alarm gives a faster warning compared to the other.

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The Best Smart Home Devices to Prevent Flooding and Fire Disasters

Fires or flooding can occur in any home, even those of very cautious homeowners. Yet, further diminishing the risk of disaster is possible.

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car fire extingusher
Fire Restoration February 21, 2020

Prevent Vehicle Fires with These Tips

According to the National Fire Information Database, there are thousands of vehicle fires in Canada each year.

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cleaning clothes after a fire
Fire Restoration February 13, 2020

Tips to Clean Fire-Damaged Clothing and Fabrics

After a fire, quick action is critical to saving a home and its contents. This is especially important when it comes to sensitive items such as clothes, draperies, and other textiles.

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