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Circuit Breaker Protection
Fire Restoration December 6, 2019

How Circuit Breakers Help Prevent Home Fires

Sometimes, electrical equipment suffers some kind of damage, which can lead to fires, injuries, and even death.

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safety tips for seniors
Fire Restoration, House Maintenance November 22, 2019

Home Safety Tips for Seniors During the Holidays

The holiday season is synonymous with spending quality time with friends and family. However, it’s also the time when household

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Fire Restoration November 15, 2019

How to Escape a House Fire

The thought of a fire engulfing our homes is terrifying and many of us prefer not to think about it.

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wood stove safety tips
Fire Restoration October 22, 2019

10 Wood Stove Safety Tips to Live By

Wood stoves provide comfort and warmth during the harsh winter months. However, wood stoves must be used with caution to avoid accidental fires and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

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Fire Restoration, In the Community September 6, 2019

College Campus Fire Safety Guidelines for College Students

College not only provides students with higher education, but it also teaches them personal responsibility.

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what causes smoke detector false alarm
Fire Restoration August 16, 2019

Why Do Smoke Alarms Go Off Randomly?

Smoke alarms are critical in protecting households from fires. However, they don’t always sound when an actual fire breaks out in a property.

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