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bathroom water damage

Bathroom Water Damage Prevention Tips Everyone Should Know

As bathrooms use a lot of water, some of it could end up on walls and floors, leading to water damage.

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campus fire safety
Fire Restoration, In the Community September 6, 2019

College Campus Fire Safety Guidelines for College Students

College not only provides students with higher education, but it also teaches them personal responsibility.

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prevent mould in the garage

9 Ways to Prevent Mould in the Garage

Mould is a type of fungus that often grows in humidity-rich environments that have little ventilation and sunlight.

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prevent mould in closets

12 Tips to Prevent Mould in Closets

Mould can grow anywhere there is moisture, warmth, and a food source like cellulose. What’s more, many areas in homes and properties can harbor mould, including closets.

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what causes smoke detector false alarm
Fire Restoration August 16, 2019

Why Do Smoke Alarms Go Off Randomly?

Smoke alarms are critical in protecting households from fires. However, they don’t always sound when an actual fire breaks out in a property.

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how to prevent mould in the attic

Essential Ways to Prevent Mould in the Attic

Wherever there’s moisture, mould doesn’t take long to appear. This goes for most areas in a home, including the attic.

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