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Attic Water Damage Prevention Guidelines

Water and moisture in the attic can cause a lot of damage and costly repairs.

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How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring Storms

Spring weather can be highly dangerous as it brings storms that can cause severe damage and flooding, especially in early spring, when the soil is still frozen.

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The Most Common Dangers in Homes Following a Flood

In the aftermath of a flood, homes are susceptible multiple dangers.

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Laundry Room Mould Prevention Guidelines

Preventing mould in the laundry room is all about keeping it dry and clean.

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Sewage Backups in Homes – What Causes Them?

Sewage is a form of black water – highly contaminated floodwater that comes from sources like the public sewer or the street.

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Fire Restoration February 15, 2019

Extension Cord Safety in Homes (Do’s and Don’ts)

In the average home, there are simply too many electrical devices and too few outlets to plug them all.

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